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Student Feedback
What our Clients are saying....       


"Ken... GREAT Class, You are the BEST! I will definately recommend you to all my friends and family."  - C. S.

"You have some really high tech equipment. I was expecting to be sitting here looking at some 1940's projector on a wall." - C. F. 

"Completely not what I was expecting for a concealed carry class. Had a great time." - G. M.

"Had a great time in your Sunday class. I will send my friends." - M. T.

"You weren't kidding about having the most comfortable classroom in Kansas City." - M. M. 

"Ken, thanks for making everything so easy to understand. I will recommend your CCW class to my friends." - C. C.  

" I was a little worried not knowing much about guns before taking your concealed carry class. You do a great job at making everyone feel comfortable. Thanks again and I will recommend you to my friends." - R. P.

"Great job. I really had a good time. I will send my friends and family." - R. B.

"I don't know why I waited so long to do this. I had a great time." - K. V. 

"I've been shooting for over 30 years and never knew I was pulling the trigger wrong and not aiming properly. I can't believe how much better I'm shooting after a couple of simple changes. Thanks Ken!" - B. L. 

"Ken, I was kind of embarrassed to admit that I never new how to disassemble my Sig Saur. Thanks for making it simple and not a bunch of technical gun talk. Had a great time." - M. S.

"I had never shot a handgun before and you had me shooting in the Bullseye before we were done! I can't believe it and i'm so excited. Thanks for everything!" - J. B.

"Anyone interested in getting their CCW or CCH certification should definitely investigate KC Concealed Carry in Lees Summit. You will not find a friendlier, more comfortable facility or a better qualified instructor. Plus the price is less than you may pay elsewhere. Highly recommended." - M. B. 

"Thanks, it was a great class and much better than I expected." - C. B.

"Very comfortable inviting atmosphere. I really enjoyed it." - M. P.

"Had a great time, I will send you some people." - R. F. 

"Had a great time. Completely not what I expected. I will be sending my wife and her friends soon." - B. G. 

"I'm shocked that I actually learned something. After all the years I spent in the military I didn't think I would get anything out of a concealed carry class. GREAT JOB." - J. T.

"I love your training partner Teddy!" - J. G. 

"Before registering for your class, I read your description of what to expect. While favorably impressed, I accepted that it was bound to be inflated. I also took the time to read the student feedback  and believed that, as a minimum, they were gilding and lily. I was wrong on both counts. If anything, the description and accolades were understated.Thanks for your time and excellent counsel. Attending your session was, for me, time very well spent." - D. K. 

"Great class. I had a great time and I'll be sending my wife and parents to your next class." - T. H.

"Thanks for not making this a boring class. I had a great time and actually learned a lot. I'll be sending my friends." - C. M. 

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